Playskill and Covid-19

We are now well into delivering Playskill remotely via Zoom so I wanted to give you another update on our work. As well as my video I also wanted to share with you some of the results from the recent survey we sent to our to Parents.

We also received some great written feedback which has been both morale boosting and informative for how we work in the future.

“Absolutely brilliant – has run smoothly our end. Playskill have adapted extremely fast and we feel we are getting the Level of support we would normally get without being together in person.”

“Amazing for me as a parent, just sometimes my son struggles to concentrate working like this.”

“Remote sessions have really helped my son and helped me, but nothing compare to the ‘normal’ Playskill sessions as these are wonderful x”

“Playskill has been exceptional in a especially difficult time. The support has been invaluable and has really helped us”

“Zoom training sessions were very good and a much easier way to access the workshops. It would be great if sessions could continue like this after lockdown!”

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we are so grateful to you all for taking the time to share your thoughts, thank you.

Finally myself and Stuart recently met (via Zoom) the new High Sheriff of Hertfordshire who let us know about a new scheme that is running to recognise people who have gone the extra mile during the COVID crisis to help the local community. Please see his message below. If there is anyone who has helped you during this difficult time please do think about nominating them.

“The Lord-Lieutenant, Robert Voss, and I wish to recognise these volunteers with a Hero of Hertfordshire certificate and badge. We ask if you would kindly nominate any such people from, or associated with, your organisation who you believe merit such recognition. We do not need a long citation, just a line or two by email as to what makes you feel they stand out. We are not looking for acts of heroism, just going beyond the call in a quiet unassuming way is equally respected. We hope to be able to start distributing our Hero awards by the end of June. Also, this will be ongoing so anyone who comes to your attention in the future can be added to your list at any time. Nicky Stokes has kindly agreed to coordinate the responses if you could please reply to her by email. [email protected]

Thank you for all your support and I really do hope to see you all soon,


Trustees Update

Our Trustee’s give direction that Playskill will continue to treat and support our Children and will find new ways to deliver these services remotely. This is the first bulletin from the Trustees setting out the approach. Read it here

Chairman Stuart Soloway says 

As you can hear and read on this website Andrea, Helen and Karen together with all the team have made huge progress since our first update to develop the new approach which will take Playskill and all of you through this COVID 19 crisis.”

We were delighted to receive this message from Peter Taylor, Mayor of Watford in support of our work at this time.

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