Please help support local children with a physical disability or delay and their families.

We are writing to tell you about an exciting awareness raiser that we are launching to celebrate our birthday on Friday 3 April (date tbc)

Wear it…Share it…#redforplayskill.

#redforplayskill is a time where anyone and everyone can demonstrate their support for Playskill. The idea will remind everyone that the funds required by Playskill to keep running and expanding are vital in helping as many pre-school children with physical difficulty or developmental delay, and their families gain skills for life. The best gift we can get to celebrate this year is to be able to open our 6th group and be able to support more families.

Why red? 

We chose red because our staff wear red and we feel this is one of our main Playskill colours.  It also symbolises lve.  Here are a few of the things we lve: 

– we lve working together to support your children’s development;  

– we lve the way you support us with fundraising; 

– we lve the fact that you come back and support us once your children have left;

 – we lve the way you go on to form lasting friendships with other families.

The difference you make

We rely entirely on our supporters to fund our work. It costs approximately £30,000 per year to provide one group at Playskill. So that’s £150,000 in total for the 5 groups currently running for a year! We currently get £120,000 from The Big Lottery and Children in Need which is amazing and we are very grateful, however, that leaves us with a £30,000 shortfall. These figures don’t include vital costs such as staff and volunteer training, volunteer travel costs, some specialist toys and equipment. We are also in urgent need to replace the van since the current one is now starting to fail. The van is a vital part of Playskill since it holds so much inside and transports equipment between the two locations in Watford and in Hemel Hempstead. Due to the growing needs and size of Playskill we will need a bigger van. A replacement van costs approximately £18,000.

We need you 

With your support we’ll continue to provide the groups to as many pre-children with physical difficult or developmental delay, and their families as possible. We would like to start a sixth group later this year so all fundraising will certainly go towards key needs for Playskill.

Get fundraising

You can pretty much fundraise however you want for #redforplayskill and this can be on the actual day or on another day for example over the weekend. Whether it’s dressing fully or partly in red (sponsored or in exchange for a donation), holding a cake sale, sitting in a bath of baked beans, or a coffee morning, every event helps us continue helping pre-school children and their families within Hertfordshire. Sharing as much of this as possible via social media will enable other people to know the work of Playskill which will connect us with other families who may need our help. There are a few tried and tested ways that are wholesome fun and raise lots of money. Pick an idea to suit you:


  • Wear red and give. Ideal if you need to keep within a dress code. Add a red motif to your day, like red shoes, socks, badge, lipstick or a hair accessory or if your school allows a mufti day in exchange for a £1 donation. If you work, then how about getting your team / floor / organisation involved and encourage them to wear something red in exchange for a donation? For those who can push the boat out a bit more at work, you could dress from head to toe in red, wear a red onesie and get sponsored to do so?
  • Hold a bake sale in your school / work / your place of worship / day nursery or even outside a local shop (with permission). Cakes are tremendous. As such, any kind of cake-related fundraising always goes down a treat. Just remember to save some for yourself. A handy tip: Nibble-o’clock: Hold your bake sale when people are peckish, like elevenses or in the afternoon slump.
  • How many in the jar? Fill a jar with some red (or any other colour you wish to use) chocolate, sweets or beads etc and get everyone to pay to guess how many there are in exchange for a donation. Whoever’s closest gets to walk away with the goodies.
  • Take a bath in Baked Beans. Will you take the plunge? This is the ultimate entertaining fundraiser! Whether you are with friends or at work this will certainly gather attention. You could ask your local supermarket for baked bean contributions. 
  • Host a coffee morning
  • Why not give a talk in your place of worship or group (like Scouts & Brownies etc) with a collection at the end? 
  • Participate in a sponsored walk, jog or run – on your own or in a group of friends & family.
  • Hold a quiz night: Who loves a quiz? Ans: Everyone!
  • Fancy Dyeing your hair red?
  • Get sponsored to give something up. Nothing too hard (like breathing), but maybe treats at work, social media for day or a day’s sponsored silence.

Fundraise online

Please get supporters to visit: to donate or if you prefer, you could set up your own fundraising page by visiting: It only takes just a few minutes. Your supporters can donate securely online and the money comes straight to Playskill. 

Download Poster (pdf)


Spread the word:

Please share on social media and via email to encourage others to Wear it…Share it…#redforplayskill. Whatever you decide to do will help Playskill! Again, thank you for your continuing support. We have already helped over 200 children and families; with your help, we can reach even more. 

Many thanks, 


Registered Charity Number: 1122745