Parent’s Speeches

Parent’s speech 2016 Anniversary Event

Suzannah’s Speech Our son Freddie was born with a rare neurological condition called congenital bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria.  With only about 1 – 200 cases diagnosed worldwide – still so little is known about the people affected with it. We were told during our pregnancy that we were to have a […]

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Parent’s speeches from the 2015 AGM

Michelle’s Speech Hi everyone.  For those who don’t know me, I’m Michelle.  I have two wonderful children – Charlotte, who is 4, and Tom, who is 2 and has Down’s Syndrome…. and another little one due in April, as if life isn’t busy enough! I remember when I was pregnant […]

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Parent’s speeches from the 2013 AGM

Connie’s Speech: My name is Connie, and my daughter Aalaeya is 2 and a half and has been attending the Watford AM group for about a year and a half. Aalaeya has an undiagnosed condition, which exhibits symptoms such as tremors, or ataxic movements, hypotonia (low muscle tone particularly in […]

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A parent’s speech at the 2010 AGM

Talk from Playskill AGM 2010 by Sarah Cicco, Parent I am delighted to have the opportunity to publicly show my appreciation for Playskill. My daughter Anna started Playskill when she was one year old. Playskill has seen her through her crawling, walking and early communication milestones. Anna had a break […]

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